Healing the Mind & the Heart

Empowering individuals to live more authentic and joyful lives.

Kayla is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Trauma-Informed Art Therapist, who for the past 20 years, has successfully empowered clients to lead more joyful and authentic lives. She is trained and experienced in Neurobiology and Evidence-Based Practices.

Kayla approaches healing holistically, meaning each individual is a whole Mind, Body, and Spirit. She believes that your intuition innately guides you towards healing. It is the most natural instinct you have, and the path often appears as you step forward.

Kayla believes in the value of exploring with curiosity and compassion into the underlying sources of one’s current emotional and physical pain, challenges and suffering. With skill and compassion in a safe nurturing environment, she gently guides and encourages each individual with self-inquiry, growth, transformation, and ultimately healing.

Kayla welcomes diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, and spiritual beliefs.

Here is a brief look into how Kayla works with clients, highlighting helpful tools:

Our thoughts affect how we feel, thus learning to identify how we perceive situations and what triggers our automatic thoughts, makes the difference on whether we create more or less suffering in our lives.

Havening Techniques® and Brainspotting helps process and clear unresolved trauma that may often be at the root of long-standing anxiety and depression and many chronic illnesses. Havening is a psychosensory form of therapy that gently depotentiates or delinks the traumatic memories stored in the Amygdala, removing the intense emotional response from the trauma, while also building neuralgarden of resilience.

Our earliest relationships with our primary caregivers created brain patterns or Attachment Styles, that affect how we perceive and behave in all of our relationships with peers, family, friends, colleagues, authority figures, and romantic partners.

In a safe setting, opportunities and triggers are identified while new coping skills, emotional regulation, and emotional resiliency tools are learned. With the supportive relationship of a compassionate and attuned therapist, new neural networks are created through Neuroplasticity.

Positive Psychology encourages focusing on inner-strengths and gratitude helps shift our brain to a more positive outlook.

Heart Collage Art copy
“Gratitude” -Anonymous. Mixed-media collage art therapy. ©2017 Kayla Tse LMFT

Kayla incorporates Western Psychology, Interpersonal Neurobiology,  and Mindfulness Self-Compassion with the healing creative process of Art Therapy (No art experience needed).

Art therapy accesses parts of the brain not reached by talk therapy alone, providing a safe way to express feelings non-verbally while connecting to unconscious parts that help us feel more integrated. Furthermore, the act of creative expression is healing in itself, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress, and increasing insight, ultimately leading to a freer and more Authentic Self.

Kayla has 20 years of experience working with:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Stress-Management,
  • Trauma and PTSD,
  • Chronic Illness/ Medical issues/ Hospitalizations,
  • Major Life Transitions- (School Issues, Going Away to College, Midlife, Job Loss, Divorce, Disability)
  • Relationship Issues,
  • Grief & Loss/ Bereavement,
  • TBI (Traumatic/ Non-Traumatic), Brain Injuries/ Strokes, Epilepsy.
  • Hospice & End-of-Life/ Palliative Care
  • HSP- Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.
  • Health Care Providers, Mental Health Therapists and Trainees.

Additional Training:

“Perhaps everything terrible, is in its deepest being, something that needs our love.”  — Rainer Maria Rilke