What is Art Therapy?


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Art therapy tells a story about our internal life not accessible by words alone. It can release stress, increase self-esteem, improve body-image, creatively problem-solve, and provide a safe way to communicate meaningfully through imagery. Art therapy is a body-centered approach great for anxiety & depression, grief & loss, trauma, relationship & behavioral issues, chronic pain/ illnesses among other issues. Art therapy reaches parts of the brain not reached by talk therapy alone, allowing us to access unconscious parts hidden to our awareness, thus bringing light into the darkness. Furthermore, creative expression is healing in itself. (No art experience needed.)

I create a safe, compassionate place to feel deeply heard and understood. My clients often share how I’m easy to talk to and how grateful they are for their healing journey with me.

We all have the innate capacity to heal. Sometimes we need a skilled therapist to guide and shine a light into the darkness, mirroring our inner-beauty long-ago hidden and forgotten. Remember who you are. Contact me now, let’s embark on this healing journey together.