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Client Feedback:

“Thank you for all your help Kayla. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with myself after all these years. It is a gift of the highest order.

…I’ve learned so much. And feel so much better! Thank you. I am eternally grateful for your medicine and your wisdom. You are a big part of this success.” –Anonymous




Student Psychological Counseling Services

Client Feedback Survey:

  • “Kayla is a very compassionate counselor. She made me feel very comfortable and I really felt like I could open up to her. She helped ease my stress and helped me think of alternatives to the reasons I’m so stressed.”

  • “My counselor was very open to my problems. She always was helpful and gave the tools to cope with my problems. I am extremely grateful for this service and I hope she will continue to counsel.”

  • “I felt the time spent with Kayla was very helpful. She is very sweet and personable. If I ever feel like I need to talk to someone, I will return.”

  • “Kayla was very positive and encouraging. Progress was made immediately.”

  • “Kayla was wonderful. I learned a lot about myself and always felt that she was working with me, not talking down to me. I’m so thankful!”

  • “It was a great experience that has changed my life.”


Professional Endorsements:

“I have had the honor to training Kayla in the Havening Techniques as she completed her certification in this powerful trauma-informed modality. Kayla brings an incredible intuition of how to navigate to impact of developmental and attachment trauma on the developing sense of self. I have been consistently excited about how she brings together her wealth of knowledge to truly create client-centered care. Her additional training in somatic modalities as well as art support her patients in delving into more complicated aspects of the trauma which she then integrates Havening for true neural network depotentiation. The combination leads to long lasting healing. Her warmth, compassion, and empathy is the final touch for true attachment work to be successful.
Kayla is a gift to the world of healing.”
–Dr. Kate Truitt, PhD

‘Kayla is professional and compassionate, and always eager to assist her clients to make positive changes in their lives. Kayla possesses amazing skills sets and commitment to work with anyone who is wiling to do deep healing work.’

Ms. Madoka Urhausen, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC

“She was an exceptional therapist and a pleasure to work with, bringing her talent and grief counseling skills to every patient and project assigned to her. Her art therapy skills, creativity, and people skills are excellent and she has some very innovative ideas. We received many positive comments and accolades from families of terminally ill patients that she worked with during her tenure.

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–Brian K. Davis, RN, CHPCA. VITAS Innovative Hospice Care,Vice President, Hospice Operations.

“…I am impressed with Kayla’s clinical skills, team-work, and professionalism, and give her my highest recommendation.

Kayla provided direct patient services to our patient population. The Polytrauma Center is one of four centers in the nation that provides care to soldiers who have been injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. Given the medical and psychosocial complexities of these patients, it was particularly impressive that Kayla was able to engage individuals and family members in therapy and provide guidance during the recovery process.

Many patients provided feedback that Kayla’s sessions were the most enjoyable and assisted them in finding hope and gaining a positive outlook. Clinically, Kayla is viewed as the subject matter expert in art therapy and was asked to give a Grand Rounds Presentation for Polytrauma programs across the country …which was well attended and received.”


–Sandy Lai, MD, MBA. VA Palo Alto Healthcare Systems, Polytrauma Center

Reconnecting with your Light. Color pencils, mixed-media.